Facilities and Resources

The College campus provides a scholastic atmosphere which encourages the student to pursue intellectual, social, athletic and cultural activities in a well organized academic environment. It comprises:

  1. An educational building, with well over 133 classrooms, workshops and laboratories.
  2. A dormitory complex of 16 buildings with accommodation for 1,200 students.
  3. Three cafeterias that seat 1,200.
  4. A 624-seat auditorium.
  5. An ample Management Information Systems Center to provide all JIC departments, staff and students with all necessary information and technical support that help to manage the College operations and decision making. It also provides each department of the College with the Student Information System (SIS), in addition to several other services.
  6. A media resources center, including a TV studio and a print shop.
  7. Medical facilities are provided in nearby poly-clinics and also at the main Royal Commission hospital.
  8. A 1700 square meter multi purpose recreation and exhibition center, a 1200 square meter indoor sports complex augment the wide range of facilities at the College. The College also has 4 indoor playing fields where sports and other recreational activities are held.
  9. An English Language Center, complete with 42 classrooms on three floors, 3 language labs, as well as faculty and administrative offices and lounges.
  10. A modern purpose-built building for the Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technology Department, that houses more than 45 class rooms, labs, workshops, conference room, resource room, in addition to a sufficient number of offices for staff.
  11. A new spacious building for the Management and Information Technology Department, with well over 29 classrooms, computer labs, conference room and offices.
  12. A new two storey building for the Library and Learning Resources Center. It also has an e-library and ebrary database which include around 20,000 books, in addition to multi-media, network and internet facilities.