Course Load

Registration will take place at the beginning of each scholastic semester and according to the academic calendar of the academic year.

  • The allowed course load for a specialization students is (12 -15) credit hours if their GPA less than (2.00) during a regular semester. And (15 -18) credit hours for the students their GPA (2.00) and above.
  • The maximum course load for the summer session is 9 credit hours.
  • A part-time student may register 6 credit hours during the Preparatory Year and 6 credit hours as a minimum for the regular semester for specialization courses and (12) credit maximum.
  • Upon the approval of the chairman of the department, the minimum course load of the part-time student may be reduced.
  • Part-time students in BS program:
    1. The students may register in three evening courses to maximum eleven credits and for minimum six credits.
    2. Those who wish to enroll in further courses can do so in 'day courses' only; however, the total credits registered including those in the evening will not exceed twelve credits and admission to a 'day course' will depend on the availability of the course after regular students have been admitted to it.
    3. Registration to the Senior Project will be made in the last semester of the student's program in the college.
    4. All part-time BS students will be allowed to register a course plus the Senior Project in a regular semester.
    5. Any part-time student who requires Senior Project plus two other courses to complete, leaving only coop for graduation, will get all the remaining courses in a regular semester
  • There is no minimum course load for the summer session .
Course Load Exceptions

A prospective graduate and an outstanding student whose cumulative GPA is more than 3.00, will be allowed to add up to 3 more credit hours to the maximum allowed number of hours provided that registration is not made in more than two levels. The course load for a student whose cumulative GPA is below 2.00 must not exceed 15 credit hours for the regular semester.