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Dr. Amal S. AL Khlewi
Deputy, P & D Deputyship

Welcome to the Deputyship of Planning and Development (P&D) in Jubail Industrial College (JIC). The Deputyship focuses on the highest level of quality in educational practices. This is being accomplished through the awareness of the importance of planning and continuous development to achieve high level of sustainable quality. The Deputyship plays a critical role to maintain the quality of curriculum, assess learning outcomes, and in planning effective and efficient utilization of resources. Due to it’s important roles, the Deputyship is considered a cornerstone upon which JIC depends on to support the KSA Vision 2030.

The Deputyship was established in 2012 (1433 AH) under the name "the Deputyship of Curriculum and Quality Assurance (CQA)". Then, in late 2019 (1440 AH), its name was changed to the Deputyship of Planning and Development (P&D) in accordance with the new organizational structure for the education sector at the Royal Commission for Jubail.

The Deputyship works collaborately across the institution, as it oversees strategic plans, quality assurance, processes of continuous improvement and academic accreditations. The Deputyship continuously strives to implement a culture of excellence throughout JIC.


To empower the college with the necessary tools for planning, development, quality assurance and performance measurement that are in line with both national and international standards to ensure the highest quality of education and training outcomes for the college. Helping to achieve the strategic objectives of the education sector at the Royal Commission in Jubail with regards to postsecondary technical education in line with the KSA Vision 2030.


  1. Prepare the college's annual budget.
  2. Prepare the college strategic and annual operational plans and follow up their implementation.
  3. Follow up operations related to college's performance indicators and benchmark with local and international institutions.
  4. Prepare plans for national/international academic accreditations and follow up their implementation.
  5. Carry out work related to planning, developing education/training programs, curricula and making local and international benchmarking.
  6. Prepare and submit the required periodic/quarterly reports to higher management.
  7. Conduct studies and prepare reports on learning outcomes and overall college performance to assist decision-making.
  8. Follow up on the implementation of memorandums of understanding and agreements between the sector with external bodies at college level.

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2019   Doctor of philosophy in Computer Science (Management Information Systems), School of Electronics and Computer Science, The University of               Southampton - UK

2010   Master of science in Information Technology (Business), School of Mathematics and Computer Science, Heriot-Watt University– UK 

2006   Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, College of Computer Science and Information Technology, King Abdulaziz University- Saudi Arabia

  • Alkhlewi, A., Walters, R. J., & Wills, G. B. (2019). Towards a Framework for the Successful Implementation of a Government Cloud in Saudi Arabia. International Journal of Business Process Integration and Management.
  • Alkhlewi, A., Walters, R. J., & Wills, G. B. (2015). Factors Influencing the Implementation of a Private Government Cloud in Saudi Arabia. In ESaaSA@ CLOSER (pp. 69-72).
  • Alkhlewi, A., Walters, R., & Wills, G. (2015, August). Success factors for the implementation of a private government cloud in Saudi Arabia. In Future Internet of Things and Cloud (FiCloud), 2015 3rd International Conference on (pp. 387-390). IEEE.

Sept. 2022- present        Deputy of Planning and Development 
Jun. 2022 – Sept. 2022       Head of Curriculum Development 
Sept. 2021- Jun. 2022         College Deputy- Female Branch
Sept. 2019 – Sept. 2021     Chair of Business Administration Department
  • Selected to receive the Lucent Global Science Scholars award for excellence in science and math (2004).
  • Awarded Certificate of Academic Achievement from UK Saudi Cultural Bureau (2015)
Courses and trainings
  • SIDF Business and Leadership, Stanford University, (Sep. 2022)
  • Leadership and Change, The London School of Economics and Political Science, (July 2022)
  • Academic Quality Practitioner, The Education and Training Evaluation Commission, (June 2022)
  • Program Assessment in Higher Education, CLICKS, (June 2022)
  • Professional Development Course for External Examiners, AdvanceHE, (March 2022)
  • Qiyadat Global Georgetown Leadership Program, Georgetown University, (Feb. 2022)
  • Quality Assuring Academic Standards and Online Delivery, CLICKS, (Feb. 2022)
  • Sustainable Development Leadership Program, Sustainable Development Research And Training Institute (Feb. 2022)
  • Leadership: Co-Active Leadership Experience, CO-ACTIVE Training Institute, (Jan. 2022)
  • Finance for Non Finance Professionals, SIDF Academy, (May 2021)
  • EQ Educator 3, Six Seconds, The Emotional Intelligence Network, (April. 2021)
  • Teaching in Online and Hybrid Classes: Key Elements for Success, Harvard Business Publishing Education, (March 2021)
  • New to Teaching, Advance HE, (Jan. 2021)
  • Leading Creative Transformation in Critical Times, SIDF Academy in collaboration with the Stanford Center for Professional Development, (Aug. 2020)
  • Designing for Online Learning, CLICKS, (July 2020)
  • Re-Thinking Student Assessment in Online Learning, CLICKS, (July 2020)
  • Digital Transformation: From AI and IoT to Cloud, Blockchain, and Cybersecurity, MIT Professional Education, (Aug. 2019)
  • Introduction to Teaching Skills Part1, University of Southampton, UK (2013)
  • Introduction to Teaching Skills Part2, University of Southampton, UK (2014)