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Dr. Saeed AlShahrani
Deputy, P & D Deputyship

Welcome to the Deputyship of Planning and Development (P&D) in Jubail Industrial College (JIC). The Deputyship focuses on the highest level of quality in educational practices. This is being accomplished through the awareness of the importance of planning and continuous development to achieve high level of sustainable quality. The Deputyship plays a critical role to maintain the quality of curriculum, assess learning outcomes, and in planning effective and efficient utilization of resources. Due to it’s important roles, the Deputyship is considered a cornerstone upon which JIC depends on to support the KSA Vision 2030.

The Deputyship was established in 2012 (1433 AH) under the name "the Deputyship of Curriculum and Quality Assurance (CQA)". Then, in late 2019 (1440 AH), its name was changed to the Deputyship of Planning and Development (P&D) in accordance with the new organizational structure for the education sector at the Royal Commission for Jubail.

The Deputyship works collaborately across the institution, as it oversees strategic plans, quality assurance, processes of continuous improvement and academic accreditations. The Deputyship continuously strives to implement a culture of excellence throughout JIC.


To empower the college with the necessary tools for planning, development, quality assurance and performance measurement that are in line with both national and international standards to ensure the highest quality of education and training outcomes for the college. Helping to achieve the strategic objectives of the education sector at the Royal Commission in Jubail with regards to postsecondary technical education in line with the KSA Vision 2030.


  1. Prepare the college's annual budget.
  2. Prepare the college strategic and annual operational plans and follow up their implementation.
  3. Follow up operations related to college's performance indicators and benchmark with local and international institutions.
  4. Prepare plans for national/international academic accreditations and follow up their implementation.
  5. Carry out work related to planning, developing education/training programs, curricula and making local and international benchmarking.
  6. Prepare and submit the required periodic/quarterly reports to higher management.
  7. Conduct studies and prepare reports on learning outcomes and overall college performance to assist decision-making.
  8. Follow up on the implementation of memorandums of understanding and agreements between the sector with external bodies at college level.

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About Me

Dr. Saeed AlShahrani is an Assistant Professor of management in the Management and Information Technology Department (MIT) in Jubail Industrial College (JIC). He earned his Bachelor and MBA from the Business School at King Fahad University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM) and successfully earned his PhD in Management (Major: Organizational and Leadership Behavior) from the University of Hull in the UK. With over 16 years of academic experience, Dr. AlShahrani was appointed as chairman of MIT before his current assignment as a Deputy of Planning and development in JIC. His research interests lie primarily in the area of organizational behavior, leadership, strategic management, change management, and human resources.


PhD, The University of Hull, UK, 2019

M.Rse The University of Hull - UK, 2015

MBA, King Fahad University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM), 2009

BSc,  King Fahad University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM), 2005 

AS, Jubail Industrial College, 2000


Williams, C. H., & Alshahrani, S. (2017). Organizational commitment and transformational leadership in different contexts: Strong and complex relationship as reflected in the literature. International Journal of Business and Management Studies, 6(1), 295-314.

Alshahrani, S. (2016). Literature analysis of the effect of transformational leadership on the work outcomes: an update of relationships and mediation processes. Paper presented at International Conference for Academic Disciplines. University of London, UK.

Alshahrani, S. The relationship between leadership and organizational attitudes: Mediation and Moderation process. Poster presented at: 9th Saudi Student Conference in UK; 2016 Feb 13-14; Birmingham, UK.


2020 – present: Deputy of Planning and Development - JIC

2019: Assistant Professor and Chairman of MIT, JIC

2009-2018: Lecturer and Faculty member in MIT Department, JIC

2004-2008: Instructor and Faculty member in MIT, JIC


Excellence Award, Saudi Cultural Mission, UK, 2016-2017

Awarded Master of Research (MRes), the University of Hull, UK, 2015

Courses and trainings

February 2020 – Completed 4 weeks training in ‘Leading Change in Organizations’ conducted by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Massachusetts, USA.

August, 2020 – attend training in ‘Executive planning’. Ethrai, Saudi Arabia.

August, 2020 – attend training in ‘change management’. Ethrai, Saudi Arabia.

August, 2020 – attend training in ‘developing an effective organizational culture’. Ethrai, Saudi Arabia.

June, 2020 – attend training in ‘Critical Thinking for Better Judgment and Decision-Making’. Linkedin Learning.

December 2012 – Participated in ‘A Collaboration Platform Model for Academic – Industry Exchange’ workshop Conducted by The Royal Commission in Jubail – Colleges & Institutes Sectors. Jubail, Saudi Arabia.

May 2012 – Participated in Jubail 1st International Engineering & Technology Education Conference. Jubail, Saudi Arabia.

January 2009 – Attending training in SAP conducted by SAP team. Jubail Industrial College. Jubail, Saudi Arabia.

November 2005 – Completed 2 days course in ‘Covey’s 7 Habits for Effective performance’ conducted by Organization Development of the Royal Commission. Jubail, Saudi Arabia.

May 2005 – Completed 2 weeks course in ‘Presentation Skills’ conducted by Organization Development of the Royal Commission. Jubail, Saudi Arabia.