Vision and Mission Statement


To be recognized as an institution of academic and training excellence and the preferred choice for technology education and training in the Kingdom.



To provide the Kingdom with well-educated and highly-trained manpower in technical and business related fields by offering quality technology education and training programs that are career-focused and market-driven, through partnership with business, industry, community and other stakeholders.


The following is a summation of the College‟s objectives to achieve its mission:

  • To support the National Saudisation Program and contribute to the affluence and​ prosperity of the nation.
  • To support the tenets of the National Development Plan; by preparing technically-trained quality manpower to international standards, by meeting specific job descriptions, and, in so doing, to promote the various developmental projects of the nation, particularly those of Jubail Industrial City.
  • To provide short, tailor-made courses to industry and commerce in addressing their needs for technical manpower training.
  • To promote collaborative applied research with industry and commerce and to provide consultancy services to them.
  • To assist the stability and growth of the Jubail Industrial City community by providing further education options that will help attract Saudi nationals to settle and to work in the region.
  • To provide community service programs that generate cultural, professional and recreational benefits for society.