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Jubail Industrial College (JIC) has indeed taken great strides forward in contributing to the development of a highly-competent and professional workforce. Over the years, it has earned an excellent reputation as modern, successful, and technologically-advanced Colleges of technical education and training in the region.

Being the forefront of the College, our department is consistently engaged in various activities, commitments, and relationships that continuously promote the image of the College within the Kingdom and overseas. Our continuous goal is to build lifelong partnership with our stakeholders and to create a positive educational environment for JIC and the community at large by initiating a number of significant projects and activities that are indeed valuable to all.

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The main role of the department is to strengthen the relationship between Jubail Industrial College and the industrial and commercial companies, government and private agencies, educational institutions, and other stakeholders. Industrial Relations is also committed to connecting people – its alumni, valued partners in the industry, employers, and the like – with the College in various aspects, in various ways.

Mr. Naif Al Mugahwi 

Industrial Relations Director

Public Relations Unit

Public Relations Unit is the channel that links JIC with other major institutions and agencies, locally and kingdom wide. The tasks of Public Relations are, but not limited to, the following:

  • Assists in the arrangement of all educational and professional visits and invitations to or from the College.
  • Initiate and schedule programs and visits, defining visit objectives.
  • Take necessary steps for accommodation, catering and transportation when required.
  • Arrange and coordinate College events and community occasions such as graduation ceremony, staff and student celebrations (honoring distinguished employees and students), lectures, conferences, etc.
  • Provision of newly-arrived employees with information about the College. Liaison with various departments in preparing printed informative materials, brochures, booklets and handouts about the college.
Industrial Placement Unit

The Industrial Placement Unit deals with the following:



The Cooperative Programs reflects the College's training philosophy that learning should not be confined solely within an academic environment, but should include practical extra-mural experience as an essential component. This program offers the students the opportunity to perform in career area related to his academic major to integrate that theory with practice.



The College keeps itself informed of job opportunities and the general job market both locally and throughout the Kingdom. It maintains connections with prospective employers and advises students on job application procedures. It regularly stages career days when major employers exhibit aspects of their company. Students receive the opportunity to meet their representatives on campus. In addition, through the cooperative program of in-company training, students themselves developed useful connections with prospective employers.



Jubail Industrial College is also recognized as a center for various placement tests. Among the many placement exams the College is actively administering are QIAS and English Placement Tests for various companies such as SABIC, SATORP and S-Chem. Moreover, Jubail Industrial College has its own placement test to evaluate and measure the applicants / students' proficiency in English, Math and Basic Sciences. Various companies are using this test to assess and select new trainees and staff.

Special Programs Unit

The Special Programs Unit is the channel that links JIC to various industrial companies who seek to utilize JIC's resources to educate its employees. The Unit handles the following courses:


SHORT AND TAILOR-MADE COURSES. These are offered for local employers on a cost basis. Such courses are designed for clients with specific needs of an industrial or a commercial nature.


NDT BASIC AND ADVANCE TRAINING PROGRAMS These programs are offered to company trainees who seek to upgrade their knowledge and technical know-how in the field of NDT.


COMMUNITY COURSES. Offered to people who desire to obtain special knowledge and skills. This opportunity is given to everyone regardless of his educational qualifications or his profession. The courses are flexible and cover various areas of training to suit the different abilities of the participants.

Community Programs Unit

In general, the Community Programs Unit supervises, implements and facilitates all community and industry-related programs. It serves as an avenue for business community leaders and managers seeking to upgrade their credentials and qualifications with highly specialized programs such as the TROY EMBA Program.  Other specific tasks of the unit include, but not limited to, the following:

  • Supervision of external collaborations with various educational, industrial and other distinguished institutions. This include the task of facilitating new agreements, establishment of contact with  partner institutions locally and abroad concerning deployment of faculty or trainers, advance scheduling of courses, signing of MoU/MoA, among others.
  • Periodic review of advertisements, pre-screening, admission of candidates, and sending of applications and supporting documents to partner institutions (if required).
  • Periodic review of the progress of the community programs, and preparation of  periodic reports on activities, actions and recommendation to JIC management.
  • Maintenance and updating of program information (such as TROY EMBA) at JIC website.
  • Liaison with concerned JIC departments on matters of interests for the program, such as issues related to administrative, financial and marketing. This includes initiating issues/minutes to be discussed and resolved during committee meetings.
  • Supervision of the marketing plan and procedures for community-related activities such as Alumni Day, Career Day, Industrial Representatives' Workshop, Exhibitions outside JIC, Conferences, etc.
A guide to: Special Short Courses and Tailored Training Programs
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