Academic Assessment

Academic assessment is considered as an essential factor in the graduation of a student who possesses a valuable degree. The academic assessment includes the following:

Examinations and Grades

There are two exams held for each course during the semester. One is held in the middle of the semester (the Mid-term Exam) and the other at the end of the semester (the Final Exam). The final exam will be comprehensive i.e. includes what students study in the whole semester. Upon the recommendation of the academic departments and the approval of the Academic Evaluation Committee and the College Council, the Mid-term exam may be replaced by two major exams for some courses. Student's evaluation for the course includes written exams, reports, research and other activities specified by the departments concerned and approved by the Curriculum Development and Quality Assurance Committee (CD&QAC).

Implementation Procedures:
  1. The academic departments shall prepare the semester plan for each course. This plan includes the theoretical and practical exams and all other activities.
  2. The maximum grade for each course is 100 marks distributed according to the departments proposals and approved by the Curriculum Development and Quality Assurance Committee.
  3. The Student Information System (SIS) coordinators in the academic departments enter the course marks distribution in the (SIS).
  4. 8tudents grades are posted in the SIS and grades rosters are submitted to the Registration Office within two days of the final exam date or as specified in the academic calendar.
  5. Grades cannot be amended after being posted in (SIS) unless the course instructor has completed the Grade Amendment Form stating the justifications for the amendment, and this is then approved by the Chairman of the concerned Department and the JIC Deputy for Education and Training.