Education services




  Mr. Khalid Ali Bahawi
        Director, Education       Services Department

Greetings to all. It is a pleasure to welcome you to this page. The Education Services Department is united with other departments of Education Sector and RC toward achievement of the general mission of the Sector which is sustaining a strong reputation for excellence in teaching and learning. Your precious comments and suggestions are always appreciated.


   To provide outstanding service to the community of Jubail Industrial City in coordination with RC and the Government departments and agencies.


    Planning and executing the tasks relating to College Administration, Finance & Accounting, Facilities and Community, Procurement, Communications and Personnel Affairs.

Khalid Ali Bahawi

Director, Education Services Department


Education Services Section

It is responsible for coordinating employees' affairs between Education Sector & RC and employees' relations with government departments and relevant agencies, sending and receiving mails from or to the Department and controlling the incoming and outgoing calls.

Education Funds Section

It is responsible to adjust the total receipts and payments by recording all financial transactions and the preparation of financial reports and final accounts. This section is divided into two parts:

special programs and continuing Education Fund. 

Student Fund.


​Bachelor of Accounting from king Abdulaziz University (Jeddah)


  • Education Services Director
  • Advisor
  • General Manager of Financial Affairs
  • Director of Accounts and Asset Management
  • Account Management Manager
  • Director of Finance and Budget Department
  • Operation and maintenance accounts supervisor
  • Collateral Monitor
  • top checker
  • Assistant auditor
  • finance audit

Committee memberships

  • Chairman of the Committee on Governance and Control of Exceptional Expenses (COVID-19).
  • Spending efficiency team leader.
  • Chairman of the City Services and Social Activities Support Fund Committee.
  • Member of the Higher Committee for Safety Management in Jubail Industrial City
  • Member of the investment committee in financial funds in the education sector
  • Member of the Incentive Reward Committee.
  • Member and negotiation team with the consultant (Bechtel).
  • Member of the Royal Commission Property Governance Committee in Jubail.

The most prominent programs and training courses
  • Planning, Organization, Negotiation & Work Coordination
  • The Voice of Leadership
  • Critical Thinking – Leadership Skills for Supervisors
  • The role of leadership in promoting the cultural values of the Royal Commission.
  • The First and Second Saudi Forum for Financial.
  • The eighth annual meeting of the Saudi Organization for Certified Public Accountants.
  • The role of government agency governance in achieving Vision 2030
  • Best international practices in management and smart leadership
  • The basis for the transition from the cash system to the accrual system
  • Strategic Planning: Developing business plans and making decisions during crises
  • Government Finance Statistics System 2001.
  • Collect and interpret information to raise work efficiencies.
  • Dealing with the public.
  • Total Quality Management.
  • Leading work teams.
  • Results Based Leadership
  • Achieving the overall increase and reaching the peak of performance.
  • Financial management and financial analysis.
  • Creative problem solving.
  • Conflict management.


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