College Campus


Jubail Industrial College occupies a spacious campus in the heart of Jubail Industrial City on the Arabian Gulf coast. The  1,370k square meters area amounts to a self-contained campus, with several educational and administrative buildings, an ample residential area for students, cafeterias, a mosque, a snack bar, coffee shop, laundry, commissary, as well as a vast recreation area. Particular care has been taken to provide a congenial working and living environment. There are acres of green spaces, shaded walks, fountains and gardens. The existing infrastructure facilities is continuously expanded to accommodate the sharp increase in the student population of the College.

JIC is primarily a residential college that creates an atmosphere of collegiality and camaraderie among students. Over 90% of students live in the campus while some students commute from nearby towns and cities.

The College environment is very friendly and informal, and reflects warm relationships between staff and students. Over the years student enrollment has increased to over 5,000. With the increase in enrollment, the College facilities have also been developed and expanded.

The Arabian Gulf is directly adjacent to the College campus, affording a relaxing escape from the industrial surrounding of the city; the long stretches of quiet shorelines are enjoyed by staff and students alike.