Regular Registration

Registration will take place at the beginning of each scholastic semester and according to the academic calendar of the academic year.

Implementation Procedures:
  1. The College Council (taking into consideration the decisions made by the Higher Committee for Educational Policy in the Kingdom and the operational circumstances of the college), will decide on the academic calendar for the academic year including the vacations for the faculty members.
  2. The Admission and Registration Office shall be responsible for making the registration plans prior to each semester.
  3. The Information Technology Centre (ITC) will prepare the students' schedules through the SIS prior to the commencement of the semester.
  4. A student shall review his Course Registration Form (eRF) through the Internet/Intranet and complete the dropping and adding procedures for some courses according to the instructions.
  5. A student will print his CRF through the Internet/Intranet and this registration will be considered as official. Accordingly, a student's name will be automatically added to the attendance and marks rosters