Benefits and Services


The College provides a wide range of benefits and services to foster students' well-being. These include:
Financial benefits:to ensure that every student can afford a reasonable standard of living while pursuing his studies.
Student care and on-campus facilities: to ensure that students can enjoy a physical, mental and social sense of well-being and a good quality of life.


Monthly Stipend:

Each regular full-time student of the College is entitled to receive One Thousand Saudi Riyals (SR 1000) to help him with his day-to-day living expenses. The student shall be entitled to receive his stipend only if he registers the minimum work load of 12 credit hours. (Graduating students are exempted).

Books and Course Materials:

The College supplies all text books produced in-house to the students at 25% of the actual cost. Uniforms and training materials are also provided.

Academic Awards:

At the end of each regular semester, a financial award is paid to full time outstanding students, as follows:
The first award for students who attain exceptional grades (i.e. who earn a cumulative GPA 4.00 on graduation) is One Thousand Saudi Riyals (SR 1000).
The second award for students who attain excellent grades (i.e. who earn a cumulative GPA of 3.75 or more, but less than 4.00) is Seven Hundred Fifty Saudi Riyals (SR 750).


Safety and Security: The College provides safety, security and first aid equipment in all areas of student use and access.
Food Services: Students are provided with wholesome nutritious meals, free of charge. Great care is taken by specialized staff to ensure that students benefit from a well-balanced and varied diet. There are spacious self-service cafeterias and, in addition, a number of small coffee-shops, snack bars and Pizza/Burger outlets within the campus.
Social Counseling:Counselors help students to identify and cope with a range of personal problems and discuss suitable solutions with them.
Mail and Telephone Services:The Student Affairs Department provides mail and telephone services to College students to enable them to remain in easy contact with their families.
Internet and Intranet Services:The College provides both services within walking distance from the student dorms to enable students to do their homework and to use the world-wide web.
Student Clubs and Indoor Games Facilities: Students are encouraged to take part in club activities and indoor games to refresh their minds and spend their leisure time in the campus.
Recreational Facilities:A swimming pool, gymnasium, weight-training room, as well as a variety of ball courts and playing fields, encourage students to use their leisure time in a healthy and productive manner. Great emphasis is again placed on the development of individual abilities but always working within the context of a team.
The Commissary: While there are numerous large shopping centers nearby, the College has its own commissary and mini commercial center to meet students’ needs.

Accomodation plan