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managing_director2.jpg    Dr. ABDUALHADI 
       Managing Director    

" الحمد لله رب العالمين ، والصلاة والسلام على أشرف الأنبياء والمرسلين نبينا محمد وعلى آله وصحبه أجمعين ومن تبعهم بإحسان إلى يوم الدين".

I would like to thank my distinguished colleagues, faculty, technicians and assistant administrators for their dedication to the success of the college's work.

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the website of Jubail Industrial College, hoping that this website will contribute to giving the true picture and correct information and that communication will be fruitful through this website between the college administration and its employees, as well as with our partners in various sectors.


Jubail Industrial College has recently completed its strategic plan for the coming years, in which it focused on a set of goals that stem from the vision and mission of the General Administration of Education at the Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu, which will contribute, God willing, to the continuation of the honorable college's march and make it an ideal choice to attract our sons and daughters to study from all regions of the Kingdom and the interest of companies to attract college graduates to work for them.


Jubail Industrial College is one of the leading institutions in the field of education by supplying the labor market with qualified and trained national competencies through approved study plans and programs locally and internationally and using the latest equipment and laboratories.

The message carried by the employees of Jubail Industrial College is a message of knowledge and giving and urging male and female students to achieve scientific excellence which is the only way to progress and develop and we are trusted and committed to accomplish God willing.

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About Me

​Dr. Abdulhadi bin Ayedh Al-Qarni works in the education sector at the Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu and worked in several different positions, starting as an assistant professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Jubail University College, head of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Jubail University College, and as Deputy for Educational and Training Affairs at Jubail University College and as a Deputy  for Educational and Training Affairs, Jubail Industrial College. Dr. Abdulhadi received his bachelor’s degree from Teachers College in Riyadh and his master’s and doctorate degrees from Dalhousie University, Canada, and was appointed Director of Jubail Industrial College.


  • ​PhD in Computer Science, Faculty of Computer science, Dalhousie University, Canada (2018)
  • Master in Interworking and Mathematics Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Dalhousie University, Canada (2012)        
  • Bachelor in Computer Science, Riyadh Teacher College, King Saud University (2007)


  • Alqarni, A., Alabdulhafith, M., & Sampalli, S. "A proposed RFID authentication protocol based on two stages of authentication ", Proceedings of the 1st International Workshop on Privacy and Security in HealthCare 2014(PSCar14), September 2014, Halifax, Canada.
  • Alqarni, A., & Sampalli, S. "Privacy-Enhancing of User's Behaviour Toward Privacy Settings in Social Networking Sites", CHI'16 Extended Abstracts, May 07-12, 2016, San Jose, CA, USA ACM 978-1-4503- 4082-3/16/05.
  • Alabdulhafith, M., Alqarni, A., & Sampalli, S. "Understanding Nurses' Perception Regarding the Use of NFC Application During Medication Administration", CHI'16 Extended Abstracts, May 07-12, 2016, San Jose, CA, USA ACM 978-1-4503-4082-3/16/05.
  • Alabdulhafith, M., Alqarni, A., & Sampalli, S. "Customized Communication Between Healthcare Members During The Medication Administration Stage", MobileHCI 2018.
  • Al-Dhaqm, Arafat, Shukor Abd Razak, David A. Dampier, Kim-Kwang Raymond Choo, Kamran Siddique, Richard Adeyemi Ikuesan, Abdulhadi Alqarni, and Victor R. Kebande. "Categorization and organization of database forensic investigation processes." IEEE Access 8 (2020): 112846-112858.

  • Managing Director, Jubail Industrial College (2022-Current)
  • Deputy of Education and Training Affairs, Jubail Industrial College (2022)
  • Deputy of Education and Training Affairs, Jubail University College (2020-2022)
  • Computer Science and Engineering Department Chairperson, Jubail University College (2019)
  • External Program Evaluator for the BS (Computer and Network Engineering) program, Jazan University (2020)
  • Reviewer for the International Conference on Computing ICC2019, Princess Nourah University (2019)
  • Conference Organizer , Member of the Dalhousie Computer Science in House Conference at the Faculty of Computer Science, Dalhousie University, Canada (2013)

Committees (2019-2022):

  • Nomination committee for faculty members and technicians employment (Education Sector)
  • Standing Committee for Planning (Jubail University College)
  • Academic Evaluation Committee (Jubail University College)
  • Teacher Assistant, Dalhousie University, Canada (2013-2018)
  • Assistant Professor, Jubail university and Industrial College (2019-current)

  • Certificate of Appreciation for the outstanding Contributions to the professional training (Network Bootcamp), Jubail University College (2020)
  • Achievements Appreciation for the active role in preparation for the successful completion of JUC-NCAAA Accreditation for programs (2019-2022)
Courses and Trainings

  • Certificate in University Teaching and Learning (CUTL), Dalhousie University, Canada (2016-2017)
  • CCNP (CISCO Certified Network Professional- Implementing Cisco IP Routing) (2013)
  • CCNA (CISCO Certified Network Associate) (2010)
  • Diploma in Networks Technology, New Horizon Institute, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (2007)