New NDTEET Major

​JIC has launched a new major; Associate of Science Degree Program in Non Destructive Testing and Evaluation Engineering Technology, in the semester 341 (Sep., 2013). This major was prepared in response to the job market demands led by Saudi ARAMCO.

The program is aligned with the classroom trainin​g requirements of ASNT - American Society for Non Destructive Testing.

Graduates of the program will be able to enter a career rich with institutional certifications. 

The 72 credit-hour program is fully compliant with ABET- Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology for its structure (curricula contents and composition), educational objectives and the students outcomes, that will facilitate program accreditation by ABET when it is sought.

The allocation of the program credit hours is; 66.7% of it owes to technical courses, while 33.3% to non-technical courses.

The industry feedback was received during the design of the program. Saudi ARAMCO positively vetted the ​contents. In an industrial survey, more than 90% of the industry respondents had favored an NDTEET major in the college.

The program was benchmarked with similarly named programs inside and outside of the kingdom with satisfactory results; the contents were relevant and appropriate to the program educational objectives. 

 NDTEET Degree Plan