Non Destructive Testing (NDT)​

Critical to public safety, NDT is the examination of an object or material in a manner which does not damage them to check the integrity and ensure the quality of these products. By employing different techniques such as radiographic testing, ultrasonic testing, magnetic particles testing, liquid penetrant testing, eddy current testing, visual testing and others, the entire sample is verified for soundness and freedom of defects. Most people are not aware 

​​of nondestructive testing, but its impact is everywhe​re: in the buildings where we work, in the products we use, in the cars we drive, the planes we fly in and the bridges we cross. Without NDT the world would be a much more dangerous place.​ NDT workers are part of one of the most exciting industries, working in aerospace, energy; oil & gas, construction, offshore drilling, manufacturing, even motorsports and theme parks. A career for the high technology age, NDT offers opportunity, security, satisfaction, and challenge. This is a field that opens the door to variety of career directions from positions as technicians, engineers, inspectors and researchers to managers, educators, trainers and business owners.​


The nondestructive testing profession offers:

  • Unlimited potential for growth and advancement.
  • Rapidly growing demand for technicians, engineers, inspectors, researchers, trainers and managers.
  • A variety of education and training resources.
  • Rewarding work that is critical to public safety.
  • The opportunity to work in high tech dynamic environment.


    Effective NDT training has proven to play a major role in the qua​lification of personnel. Formal training with intensive hands-on experience is an essential element to reach this goal. 

    NDT Training Center at Jubail Industrial College​ has the state of the art Laboratory facilities and experienced well qualified trainers with professional certifications. Training modules are conducted according to the Recommended Practice No. SNT-TC-1A, 2011 edition of the American Society for Non-destructive Testing using the custom built programs and the ASNT approved training books.

    The center currently conducts conventional NDT training in PT, MT, VT, UT, RT, ET, as well as the Advanced NDT training in PAUT and TOFD. The center also regularly conducts AWS-CWI Seminars and Examinations which are well attended.

    The heavy industries like SABIC, SAUDI ARAMCO, Maaden, Aircraft, Power Generation, Water Desalination, Metal Fabrication, and many others, rely on NDT techniques to maintain the integrity of their engineering systems, and the safety and wellbeing of the final products.

    Jubail Industrial College is proud to play an essential and major role in assisting these industries to qualify the local workforce and national cadres in many engineering disciplines that are needed for the kingdom industrial progress. ​