Student Accommodation Policy

General Rules

Conditions and Regulations

Student's Rights and Responsibilities

Final Clauses




General Rules

Article One:

The following terms used throughout this Handbook are provided below with their meanings next to them as follows:

  1. College: Jubail Industrial College
  2. Student: Anyone enrolled for studies at the College regardless of his educational level or nationality or anyone from another institution and receives services and housing facilities from the College.
  3. Accommodation: Student lodging units located on the College's campus or outside of the College but considered a satellite extension of the Jubail Industrial College.
  4. Violation: Anything infringing the rules, regulations, and/or directives of the Student Accommodation Department.
  5. Penalty: A punitive decision taken against a recipient of student accommodation mentioned in this Handbook.
  6. The Colleges and Institutes Sector: Any college or institute under the authority of the Royal Commission of Jubail.
  7. Monitor: Any student who wishes to undertake responsibility under the student employment system and is nominated by the Student Accommodation building supervisor and is subsequently approved by the head of the Student Accommodation Department.

Article Two:

The aims of this Handbook are as follows:

  1. Regulating student behavior and those who have student-status within the College's Student Accommodation or other services and facilities of the College.
  2.  Modifying the behavior of a violating student and dealing with his behavior by implementing suitable up to date pedagogical methods. 
  3. Adopting disciplinary penalties for individuals who violate the Student Accommodation rules and regulations implemented at the College.

Article Three:

In adherence to the rules and regulations set forth by the Royal Commission of Jubail and Yanbu, every recipient of student accommodation, services and/or facilities of the College is subject to the directives of this Handbook.

Article Four:

The authority responsible for implementation of this Handbook is the Department of Student Affairs in conjunction with other relevant departments of the College.

Article Five:

The College is keen to provide suitable accommodation and other necessary services to students as well as ensuring tranquility and stability for them in order to fulfill the educational responsibilities required at the College and to achieve the following:

  1. Strengthening academic values amongst students.
  2. Getting students used to managing their time and organizing their cultural, social, sporting and leisure activities which they may be interested in along with helping to develop their skills in various extracurricular hobbies.
  3. Enhancing the spirit of harmony and promoting familiarity as well as developing in students a sense of belonging to and working as a team.

Article Six:

The Student Accommodation Department is considered a department of the College and its administrative and operations  are subject to the rules and regulations of the College in addition to the directives contained in this Handbook. 

Article Seven:

The Student Affairs Department is responsible for supervising the College's Student Accommodation Department and managing its operations according to the rules and regulations of the College.

Article Eight:

The Student Accommodation Department has the right to implement the directives of this Handbook by conducting inspection visits throughout the accommodation buildings whenever necessary and taking proper actions against violating students.

Article Nine:

The head of the Student Accommodation Department has the right to form a committee in emergency situations which he will chair. The committee will include an employee from the Industrial Security Department and another member from the Safety and Security Unit. The committee is responsible for inspecting rooms in suspicious cases and summoning the students assigned to those rooms.           



Conditions and Regulations

 Article Ten:

The student may receive accommodation provided by the College if the following conditions are met:

  1. The student must be accepted to the College for full-time studies and must complete all of the registration requirements for the semester in which he wishes to receive accommodation or non JIC students under the Colleges and Institutes Sector who are exempted by the College Council.
  2. The student must be free from contagious diseases.
  3. The student must have received his high school diploma from a school not located in the Jubail district. 
  4. The student must not have been previously expelled from the student accommodation due to a violation of the rules and regulations unless the student has been exempted from this condition by the Managing Director of the College and based upon the recommendation of the College Deputy of Student Affairs.
  5. The student must agree and adhere to rules and regulations of the College and specifically the rules listed in the student accommodation Handbook.

Article Eleven:

Students are allotted rooms in the accommodation buildings based on available vacancies and according to the regulations stipulated by the Student Accommodation Department whilst taking into account the student's desire whenever possible. A student is permitted to change the room assigned to him only during the specified transfer period.   

Article Twelve:

An accommodation monitor is designated from the students for every accommodation  building and is nominated by the building supervisor in coordination with the head of the Student Accommodation  Department and the following conditions must be met:

  1. The student should have a record of good conduct.
  2. The student must have strong leadership personality.
  3. The student must not have had any negative observations whilst living in the student accommodation.
  4. The student must be resident of the same building for which he's been designated as a monitor.
  5. The student must not be a Cooperative Training program student.
  6. The student monitor is assigned the following responsibilities:
  7. Informing the Student Accommodation Department  employee on duty of any problems or prohibited activities which take place inside the accommodation.
  8.  Notifying the Student Accommodation Department  employee on duty of any maintenance and/or cleaning problems.
  9.  Making the necessary coordination for sporting, cultural and social events.
  10. Supervising the accommodation building recreation hall.

Article Thirteen:

A student is permitted to receive visitors in his accommodation unit according to the following regulations:

  1. Visitors must be the student's father, brother, or uncle.
  2. Visitors are allowed entry from 4:00 p.m. until 9:30 p.m. during normal study days (Sunday-Thursday) and from 9:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m. during weekends, with the condition that the student being visited is available in the room.
  3. Visitors are not allowed to stay overnight in the student room under any circumstances.
  4. Visits must be organized by the Student Accommodation Department. 

Article Fourteen:

In the event of a student being Discontinued from the College and fails to complete the clearance procedures from the College; his room will be evacuated, in his absence of all his belongings and whatever official documents are found therein will be sent to the Safety and Security Department of College. The Student Accommodation Department  will not bear any responsibility for the student's personal belongings nor will it provide compensation.

Article Fifteen:

In the event that the student suspend his studies for the duration of one academic semester, or he withdraws, or his Cooperative Training program is outside of Jubail Industrial City, he must come to the Student Accommodation Department and evacuate his room before completing the rest of the clearance procedures.

 The head of the Student Accommodation Department has the right to make exceptions to the above-mentioned paragraph in accordance with certain guidelines.

Article Sixteen:

The College gives awards for students who reside in student accommodation buildings as incentives during the student activities closing ceremony. The awards are distributed as follows:

1. The award for the ideal accommodation building monitor:

The Student Accommodation Department nominates an ideal monitor to accept the designated award during the student activities closing ceremony held by the College.

2. The award for the ideal room of each building:
The Student Accommodation Department forms a committee, consisting of employees from the and building monitors, to choose the best room and subsequently gives designated awards during the student activities closing ceremony.

 3. The award for the ideal building:
The Student Accommodation Department forms a committee consisting of the department employees and building monitors who then choose the best building. After selecting the best building, certificates of appreciation is issued and received by the monitor of the building during the student activities closing ceremony.



Student's Rights and Responsibilities

Article seventeen:

Any social and cultural activities, sporting activities and leisure activities carried out by the resident in the Student Accommodation must comply with the directives and decisions of the administration of the College.

Article Eighteen:

A resident of the Student Accommodation has the right to stay in his room during official holidays and vacations with the condition that he first obtains approval from the head of the Student Accommodation Department of the College in accordance with the set guidelines.

Article Nineteen:

The resident student must adhere to the rules and regulations of the College and the internal directives the Student Accommodation.

Article Twenty:

The resident student must adhere to proper behavior with his colleagues, Student Accommodation Department employees and workers inside the Student Accommodation. It is not permissible for him to engage in any action or behavior deemed as being inappropriate.

Article Twenty One:

A resident student must sleep in his designated room and he is not permitted to sleep in another room unless he has prior permission from the Student Accommodation Department.

Article Twenty Two:

The student resident must maintain the cleanliness of the Student Accommodation and the safekeeping of all its contents. The furniture inside the rooms is considered as being under the student's custody.

Article Twenty Three:

Students who reside in the accommodation units will be questioned, individually or in groups, about any missing or damaged property of the unit and/or Student Accommodation building. They will not be issued clearance papers nor will they be allowed to relocate to another room in the event that this occurs, until the missing items   are returned or the missing /damaged items are compensated for.

Article Twenty Four:

The resident student is responsible for his personal belonging and he is not permitted to leave any valuables in his room once he leaves the accommodation unit.

Article Twenty Five:

The student resident must adhere to return to the Student Accommodation  in the specified time as per the directives issued from the College. In special circumstances, a student is permitted to return to his room later than specified provided he has an approval from the College Deputy for Student Affairs due to reasons related to studies, activities or emergency situations.

Article Twenty Six:

The student residing in an accommodation unit must cooperate with security and Student Accommodation Department employees of the College in addition to present  his National ID card or college ID card upon request.

Article Twenty Seven:

The resident student must adhere to the following:

  1. Maintaining the neatness and orderliness of his room.
  2. Refraining from tampering with accommodation unit property and appliances.
  3. Abstaining from hanging pictures, drawings, or insignias on the walls, doors or windows of the accommodation buildings no matter what the rationale for doing so may be, unless prior approval from the unit supervisor or  Accommodation administration is obtained.
  4. Adhering to the rules regarding proper use of water and electricity.
  5. Wearing appropriate clothing when walking around the  accommodation units.
  6. Deference to quietness and not disturbing other residents.
  7. No person under the age of 15 years is allowed in the accommodation unit unless accompanied by his guardian.
  8. No animals are allowed in the accommodation units.
  9. Refraining from doing any action which may violates the Student Accommodation regulations or may lead to public property breach. Anyone doing so is subject to the disciplinary action stipulated in the Student Disciplinary Handbook.

Article Twenty Eight:

A resident student is prohibited from any actions or behaviors which are not consistent with the Islamic customs and values and the rules and regulations of the College. Specifically, a resident student is prohibited from the following:

  1. Possessing or storing any type of weapon.
  2. Abusing any type of intoxicant, narcotic or smoking.
  3. Using any type of burner or candles inside of the rooms or in any of the facilities of the Student Accommodation.
  4. Using fireworks or cooking appliances or anything which may cause a fire in the accommodation.
  5. Bringing unauthorized electrical appliances without coordinating with Student Accommodation Department employees.
  6. Possessing any tools or materials such as books, magazines and/or pictures which contravene proper morals and customs and are illegal.
  7. Inviting an outside visitor to the accommodation unit who is none of the permitted visitors under article twelve of this Handbook.
  8. Publishing any material without obtaining the prior approval of the College Deputy for Student Affairs or the person delegated by him.
  9. Obstructing authorized programs and activities inside of the accommodation unit.
  10.  Improper use of photography equipment and mobile phones cameras.
  11.  Any action or behavior contrary to proper character and behavior which must be adhered to.
  12.  Improper use of the college's computers and /or network.




Final Clauses

Article Twenty Nine:

The resident student is subject to the disciplinary regulations explained in the Student Disciplinary Handbook concerning any violations which he commits inside the student accommodation unit.

Article Thirty:

Any action which breaches the law, or the general (public) rules and regulations, or Islamic directives, or any prohibited action listed in the Student Disciplinary Handbook or other College regulations, is considered a violation.

Article Thirty One:

In the event that a student commits a violation, the Student Accommodation Department employee is responsible for confirming the incident and reporting it to the College Deputy for Student Affairs who then refers it to the Disciplinary Committee to investigate and take the necessary decision in accordance to the rules and regulations of the College.

Article Thirty Two:

A violating student is not exempted from any disciplinary measure under the pretext that he was unaware of the Student Accommodation Handbook or other directives issued by the Student Accommodation Department. It is mandatory for the Student Accommodation Department to circulate this Handbook and inform the students of such using all available means.

Article Thirty Three:

Implementation of this Handbook and the policies therein become effective immediately upon approval from the College Council.

Article Thirty Four:

This document hereby cancels all previous rules, regulations, and/or Handbooks related to those issues discussed therein.

Article Thirty Five:

Arabic is considered the official language to be used in the interpretation of this Handbook.