Electrical Engineering


The mission of the department is to equip graduates with scientific knowledge, job oriented skills, and problem-solving abilities in electrical and instrumentation engineering and technology; and to maintain and expand a collaborative and dynamic communication platform with the industry and society at large.  


The department has established a set of objectives to fulfil its mission. These objectives are achieved through a set of well-defined tasks which focus on creating a conducive and stimulating educational environment. This includes developing and implementing innovative and responsive curriculum, teaching and learning strategies, outcome-based assessment, and continuous improvement process using state-of-the-art teaching facilities. The department maintains close links with the industries, values their experience and incorporate their feedbacks into its curriculum. The department also provides courses tailored to the needs of the local industry and community.

In addition to curricular activities, students are continuously encouraged to actively participate in Engineering Project Competitions, Career Day Exhibitions, Science Clubs, IEEE, ISA JIC-Student‟s Section and other extracurricular activities.