General Manager Message

We welcome you to the e-Learning Solutions, an initiative taken by the Royal Commission for Jubail College Sectors (Jubail University College, Jubail Industrial College and Jubail Technical Institute).  This program is an affirmation of the Royal Commission for Jubail's commitment to be the "Center of Knowledge and Excellence".

Bearing in mind that professionals and industry experts all over the world are experiencing a revolution in the exchange of information, I am pleased to announce that we have invested in a new vibrant e-Learning resource. This will not only allow us to enhance our digital experience, but also help us maximize learning opportunities for our students.   

The program aims to benefit students equally in various programs ranging from Bachelor & Diploma to Certificate courses. The rationale for launching into e-learning is to develop the skills and competencies needed in the 21st century, and in particular to ensure that learners have the digital literacy skills required in their discipline, profession or career – or, put simply, to get work in the future.    

Taking the opportunity, I would like to encourage all involved to actively participate and help us achieve our objectives in preparing and developing a more up to date human resource.


Dr. Ali H. Assiri

GM of Colleges & Institutes Sector