English Language and Preparatory Year Insitute ( ELPYI)


معهد اللغة الإنجليزية والسنة التحضيرية

English Language and Preparatory Year Institute (ELPYI)


The English Language and Preparatory Year Institute (ELPYI) at Education Sector at the Royal Commission in Jubail provides a four-level English language program, and several specialization English courses to students studying at one of the two post-secondary educational institutions:

Jubail Industrial College –  (JIC)
Jubail Technical Institute – (JTI)

ELPYI also provides special programs to the community and industry.


"We aspire to be a leading English Language and Preparatory Year Institute in serving the community and industry in Saudi Arabia."


"We provide learners with quality innovative English language programs following global benchmarks."

1- Quality: Achieving excellence in the quality of learning and teaching.
2- Empowerment: Empowering the people we work with.
3- Respect: Respecting the rights of others and meeting the needs of stakeholders.
4- Discipline: Fostering discipline.
5- Integrity: Building trust by demonstrating integrity
6- Accountability: Being accountable for the resources we use.
7- Continuous Development: Continuously improving and developing our practice.

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