Jubail Industrial College Organizes the Plans For Your Future Exhibition


​Jubail Industrial College, represented by the Student Affairs, organized a 3-day "Plans For Your Future Exhibition" held at the English Language Institute Building, with the aim of introducing the College academic programs and specialization courses to preparatory year students, including the students of the RC-Jubail secondary schools. Apart from providing a general information about the College majors, the event also gave guidelines and answers to students' inquiries to enable them to choose the specialty that suits their abilities.

During the exhibition, the academic departments of the College displayed several devices, lab equipment, and students' projects that explain, in general, the majors in each department. Some of the equipment presented by the Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Technology include a device containing a remote control and a camera to check the welding inside a pipe, and a 3D printing machine. Meanwhile, the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technology displayed a rotating power generator and the smart garden system. The Department of Chemical and Process Engineering Technology, on the other hand, displayed a distillation tower device, which simulates the industrial processes in an actual industrial plant. Finally, the Department of Management and Information Technology presented general information about the office management, marketing, and computer and information technology majors.

The exhibition witnessed a good turnout of students from the College and the RC-Jubail secondary schools, whose attendance totaled to 226 students. This reflects the importance of this kind of activities to help and prepare students for the bigger challenges of a college life especially after their completion of the preparatory year.