Accreditation Board of Engineering Technology (ABET) Reaccredited all Engineering Programs for Jubail Industrial College


Academic reaccreditation has been successfully achieved from the Accreditation Board of Engineering Technology, for all eleven Jubail Industrial College Engineering Technology  programs, which include bachelor's and intermediate university degree programs for a number of specializations in the departments of mechanical engineering technology, electrical engineering technology and chemical engineering technology.

Academic accreditation is a confirmation that the college's programs meet quality standards and continuous improvement policies and procedures are implemented. Obtaining accreditation requires tremendous and continuous efforts by the college to raise the level of quality and apply international standards required for accreditation with the utmost accuracy, and this includes detailed and documented reports from the college and visit by international accreditation team to ensure application and full compliance with the quality standards required for all scientific and academic activities in the college.

It is good to note that (ABET) is an international non-profit organization for evaluating and accrediting colleges and universities programs in applied and natural sciences, computing, engineering and engineering technology, and its accreditation confirms that the accredited programs comply with international standards in curricula, the competency of faculty members, the level of students, materials and facilities. And also, the support provided by the college management for the programs and departments, in addition to other elements concerned with the quality and efficiency of the educational process. This a great milestone for the reputation of the College.