1- Science Clubs






To foster the interest of JIC students and the Community in Science and Technology Programs and inspire them  to reach their full potential in these programs by providing them with access to exciting hands-on activities, enthusiastic leaders, and a supportive environment.




The following objectives are primarily aimed at students'

  • Career option exploration

  • Intellectual development

  • Practical application of technology in personal and professional areas

  • Participation in Science and Engineering Programs and Presentations to the College and Neighboring Communities.

  • To arouse and cultivate students' interest in learning Science.

  • To encourage students to participate actively in the activities organized by the Science Club.

  • To promote the use of IT in learning Science.

  • To understand scientific knowledge through experiments.

  • To encourage exchange of ideas and cooperation among the science club members.

  • To make the students understand the values of time and to help them in the proper utilization of their leisure hours.

  • To create interest in latest inventions and discoveries of science in various fields and to get acquainted with the life history and contributions of great scientists.


Have a coordinator to execute coordination related activities. Promote Scientific activities through presentations (poster, oral, AV, etc). Participate in all College Activities initiated by   Students Innovation and Leadership Council (SILC).


  • To help students acquire basic knowledge of Science.

  • To help students develop a scientific way of learning.

  • To develop students' awareness of and concern for scientific issues in personal, social, environmental and technological contexts.



The GS Science Club has been consistently contributing a number of projects in Career Day and Engineering Day events. A significant number of students and staff have been trained throughout.




B. Mechanical Engineering Department Club



 To promote and enhance the technical competency and professional well-being of JIC students through programs and activities in Mechanical Engineering.



To provide a variety of activities of technical content and professional values.

  • Personal-skill development activities;

  • Technical presentations;

  • Engineering-related volunteer and community services;

  • Engineering and technical competitions and Exhibitions

  • Community services


C. Marketing Club


The primary goals of the marketing club area:

  1. To provide opportunity to all its members to benefit from understanding of the real business world, the value of networking and career guidance for the future.

  2. To facilitate the prospects for enhanced learning and interest in, understanding of the business related subjects through extracurricular activities.



The objectives of the Marketing Club are as follows;

  1. To provide real time learning opportunities to its members through various social activities.

  2. To encourage members for a proactive role to enable cultivating their minds.

  3. To assist in promoting program events of the college.

  4. To facilitate sharing and exchanging of information and trends on future career and business prospects.



In order to achieve the above objectives the club will focus on the following activities which will be planned and implemented as its annual events.


  • Events such as industry guest lectures, exchange visits to industry and other education/training institutions, research presentations, social media networking.

  • Interactive platform for discussions, debates, and sharing of knowledge on marketing subject and issues within the members and through industry experts and practitioners.

  • Organize orientation programs to the new students.

  • Organize in-house talk shows and debates on contemporary marketing topics.

  • Organize various competitions for participation and benefit.

  • Represent JIC externally and in overseas as need arises.

  • Providing orientation/training/competition on developing marketing plans and other marketing related action programs through special projects.

  • Publish marketing club news bulletin on a yearly basis.

  • Provide marketing and sales assistance to any company according to their requirements.

  • Organize a sports competition event with other majors or clubs.




  • Mechanical Engineering Department

ASME-JIC Student Section

Goal: ASME's student section mission is to serve the community by advancing, disseminating and applying engineering knowledge for improving the quality of life; and communicating the excitement of engineering.

Objectives: To provide a variety of activities focused on technical content and professional and personal growth.

  1. Technical presentations;
  2. Communication skills development activities;
  3. Professional introductions and relationships;
  4. Joint activities with other ASME sectors and with similar units at the college or university;
  5. Engineering and technical competitions;
  6. Awards and recognitions;
  7. Engineering-related volunteer and community services;
  8. Outreach to potential engineering students
  9. Encouragement of continued membership in ASME and in peer engineering and professional societies.


Past Mechanical Chapter activity ; ASME Student Section Activities:

4th May 2015

The ASME-JIC student section had organized a meeting to discuss about the activities to be conducted in the next semester.


26th Jan 2014

ASME Student Section members formed a new committee. The old committee members were awarded appreciation certificates by the Departmental Chairman for their valuable contribution. The new elected committee promised to organize and provide a variety of activities focused on technical content and professional growth.


25th Sep 2013

The students held a meeting in the library and distributed the membership certificates.


21st April 2013

ASME Student Section organized a beach gathering to discuss about future activities.


8th March 2012The ASME student section was officially established.
7th March 2011

Mechanical Engineering Department arranged a seminar in the college library to open a Student Chapter of American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) in JIC.





ASME-JIC Student Section Advisor:

Salman Abdul Gaffar Mohammed

Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Technology

Tel: 2260


Student Executive Committee: ​ ​
Job DescriptionStudent NameContact Info.
ChairFaisal Majid Aba Hussain

Phone :- +966 54 499 7206

Email :-

Vice-ChairHassan Mustafa Sawas

Phone: - +966 54 111 6026

Email :-

SecretaryKhaled Jassem AL Mohanna

Phone :-+966 55 288 2619

Email :- :-

TreasurerAbdulrahman Mosaed AL Bassam

Phone: - +966 50 480 0070

Email: -




  • Electrical Engineering Department Chapter


  1. IEEE Chapter:


1- Chapter Goal

- Increase member engagement

- Improve relationships with and between members.

- Enhance collaboration with other organization units and department.

- Increase number of memberships.

- Conduct a short courses relating to the electrical field.

- Participate in IEEE conferences and utilize the membership benefits.

- Visit an electrical company or a substation in a plant.


2- Chapter objectives

To be an effective and active student branch and also to act as a link between academic and industrial environment through planned activities

Which allow the students to have a clear industrial vision.


3- Functions

The committee members will be consisting of:

Counselor, Chair, Vice-chair, Coordinator, Treasurer.

All committee members should have a valid IEEE membership.

A meeting should be conducted at least every two weeks and should be chaired by the counselor, chair or vice-chair.

- The coordinator should prepare the agenda of the meetings.

- The treasurer should be responsible for registering the new members.

-  Any decisions should be approved through the voting process.


4- Performed activities (summary of the activity supported with some pictures)

Last period, we were out of activates due to refreshing the branch organization.


5- Coordinator, name and email (Electrical department coordinator)

Name:   Saud Alharthi



B) The International Society of Automation


1.  Chapter Goal: The International Society of Automation (founded in 1945) is a leading, global, nonprofit organization that is setting the standard for automation by helping over 30,000 worldwide members and other professionals, solve difficult technical problems, while enhancing their leadership and personal career capabilities. The JIC –ISA student section established in the year 2010 and we have more than 80 active student members.


2. Chapter objectives: To promote the learning among the students that brings the benefits in their daily and professional life.


3. Functions:

The chapter function under the advice of a faculty member. The chapter has two offices as follows:




4.  Performed activities (summary of the activity supported with some pictures)

i) Technical Lecture: Report attached

ii) JIC- ISA student section is conducting ISA talent discovery -2015: Report attached


6. Coordinator, name and email (Electrical department coordinator)

Mr. Muhammad Irfan Mian, Advisor JIC-ISA Student chapter.


  • Chemical Engineering Department

1.      NACE Chapter:

NACE (National Association of Corrosion Engineers) International, which was established in 1943, is a professional organization for the corrosion control industry. NACE's main focus of activities includes cathodic protectioncoatings for industry and material selection for specific chemical resistance.

NACE publishes the journals Materials Performance (MP) and Corrosion. NACE also publishes standard practice, test method, and material requirements, standards for use by industry and other Corrosion societies. Standing committees periodically review and update the standards every five years. An annual conference is held in the United States for the entire organization and several regional meetings and conferences around the world.

NACE-Jubail is a local section of the West Asia and Africa Region Chapter of the National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) International. NACE-Jubail was established in July 2008 to promote the awareness of corrosion and its control for industries in Al-Jubail and its extended adjoining area of Saudi Arabia. Al-Jubail area is the industrial heart of the Arabian Gulf; the area has the highest concentrations of world scale petrochemical, chemical, fertilizer, refinery, steel and mineral industries; as well as oil and gas operations, power and desalination plants, etc. It has over 800+ members from local industries and academia. JIC NACE Jubail student chapter was established on 18th October 2011, in the department of chemical and process engineering. The chapter has steadily grown having more than 100+ members, graduated students and students still studying in JIC.



NACE: What we bring to Students

Our aging infrastructure has brought an increasing demand for corrosion professionals – and too few students are graduating with corrosion experience to meet the need. A career in the corrosion industry is among the most secure and financially stable, and poses some of the most varied and interesting challenges in the field of engineering.


What's in it for students?

  • Career opportunities in the corrosion industry.
  • Opportunities for scholarships.
  • Annual conference sponsors student poster session, including free registration and stipends for travel
  • Training and certification recognized and valued by world-wide certification and standard instructions.
  • Resources for Research
  • Industry related news and information
  • Networking with contacts and future employers
  • New career paths


Student members receive

  • MP Online
  • CORROSION online
  • Reduced rate for print version of magazines
  • Member pricing on NACE products and services
  • NACE career center access
  • Eligibility to apply for NACE scholarships
  • Complimentary registration to annual conference


Section Objectives

Regularly gather to share up-to-date information on corrosion related issues.

Enlist a wide diversity of interested membership.


2.      Polymer Chapter


The Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) is a leading international organization dedicated to the advancement of knowledge and education for all plastics professionals. Founded in 1942, SPE is home to nearly 20,000 plastics professionals in over 84 countries around the world. Formation of Student Chapter Officers (president, vice-president and secretary/treasurer) was done as per the rules and regulations of SPE.



Chapter Objective:


The purpose of the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) is to form and maintain a professional link for students and leaders in the plastics industry. Other benefits include scholarships and career links. Regular Society of Plastics Engineers activities includes weekly meetings, plant tours, guest speakers, national events, and conferences. SPE also sponsors and conducts recreational activities and trips.



Mr. Sami Al Ananzi

Office nr. 2489