Students Innovation and Leadership Council would like to invite  all departments (students and faculty members) to take part in a competition entitled ''Best Innovative Idea''.


The following are the criteria for selecting the winners:

  1. Student's diploma and senior projects are not considered.
  2. Originality of the innovative idea: The uniqueness of the idea and its superiority in comparison with similar or alternative products in the market.
  3. Social or Industrail impact: The ability of the innovation to create or effect, positive or desirable changes within the target community, or college
  4. Scientific/Technical aspects: For tangible technical/scientific innovations; this refers to the extent to which the technological specifications of the innovation are grounded on established science and sufficiently address any anticipated product risk (will not be considered part of a student's diploma and senior projects)
  5. If the innovative ideas will develop any public, private or non-profit partnerships
  6. Cooperating with other departments (multidisciplinary innovative project). Organizing a student team to back up their work, enhance their leadership for such promising innovative project


   Please send the proposal ( as word or PDF file) including following points:

                • Define the problem to be addressed
                • Technical description of the innovation
                • Target audience or market or client.
                • The list of materials needed (with a cost estimate) or any other cost suggestions (like staff supervision: extra hour load per week).
                • Needed time and  (in weeks) for converting the innovative idea to tangible tasks.
                • Diagrams of the design (if available).

All proposals  should be mailed to  the  Student Innovation & Leadership Council, Council Chairman: Dr. Murad Alsawalha email:


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