Jubail Industrial College Succeeds in Developing Research Projects for Farabi Petrochemicals Company


​Jubail Industrial College has succeeded in developing effective research methodologies for a variety of projects at the at Prince Saud bin Abdullah bin Thunayan Al Saud Center for Research and Training for Farabi Petrochemicals Company. In just a span of two years, JIC and Farabi strategic partnerships in collaborative research and development has produced four projects, namely: 1) Bromine number improvement study, 2) Lab scale blending and testing of process oil blends, 3) Lab scale blending and testing of oil field chemicals, and 4) Preparation and analysis of alkylated and sulfonated products.

It is worth mentioning that some of these projects have been completed as planned, while others are ongoing. This timely and accurately delivery of the projects have immensely satisfied the requirements of Farabi, thus, other proposals are now under discussion which are expected to assist Farabi in the process and product development efforts to expand their manufacturing units and product portfolio. Indeed, the collaboration between the College and Farabi tremendously enhances business prospects and supports each partner towards achieving their respective strategic targets in line with the Kingdom Vision 2030.

"Jubail Industrial College is proud to be the first academic institution to cooperate with Farabi Petrochemicals Company, with the strong belief that the strong and effective partnership between the industrial and academic fields will establish a new era of development in the industrial sector in the Kingdom," said Dr. Eid M. Al-Hajri, JIC Managing Director. He further stated, "The association between JIC and Farabi is an example of the desire and commitment of the Royal Commission and its educational institutions to support the growth and the needs of industries and businesses. The provision of these facilities within the industrial city saves great time and effort, and facilitates communication and participation from all industrial quarters, gearing towards practical solutions to industrial challenges."