Jubail Industrial College Participates in the 2018 Jubail Industrial Internet of Things Conference and Exhibition


During the recently-concluded 2018 Jubail Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) Conference and Exhibition organized by the Royal Commission in Jubail, Jubail Industrial College participated and exhibited various innovations and outstanding student projects that not only captured the attention of the visitors, but more importantly, highlighted the creativity and innovative thinking of JIC students.

One of these projects is the 'Smart Mirror' which provides the user with information about the atmosphere, prayer times, as well as viewing messages, e-mail, news, voice commands and a camera. Users can also make video calls.

Another project is the 'Smart Blind', which is a stick customized for blind people. This stick alerts or gives warnings to users about the impending dangers on the road - such as drilling, bumps, etc. One important feature of this project is the inclusion of a GPS signal for easy access and a special button that sends a message when pressed in case of needed assistance. This can be programmed for places such as the mosque and other public places.

Showcased also during the exhibition is the 'Smart Shopping Cart', which uses barcode scanner to scan the products and a panel showing the price of the goods. When shoppers scan the items, the total purchase amount is shown, with the options of purchase or cancellation, and payment through SADAD.

His Excellency RC-Jubail Chief Executive Officer Mustafa Al-Mahdi visited the college exhibition booth during the opening ceremony and was enlightened about the projects and innovations of the students. It is worth mentioning that the college's exhibition received many visitors where they were briefed on the student projects, specialties and services provided by the College.