Jubail Industrial College Participates in the 1st ISA Analysis Division Saudi Arabia Symposium 2018


Jubail Industrial College, together with major industrial companies from various locations in the Kingdom, participated in the 1st International Society of Automation (ISA) Analysis Division Saudi Arabia Symposium held at the King Abdullah Cultural Center on October 3, 2018. This event was organized by ISA Saudi Arabia Section, in partnership with the Royal Commission in Jubail and other sponsors, and was attended by hundreds of industry professionals.

As the only institution outside the United States offering ISA courses, Jubail Industrial College is dedicated to training more professionals from the industry and to deliver courses and training programs that are accredited by internationally-recognized bodies, such as the ISA who provides professional certifications in the field of automation.

The ISA Symposium provided the opportunity for Jubail Industrial College to showcase its ISA-approved training devices, and to present the training programs in full detail.