Program Advisory and Evaluation Committee –NDTEET Program


Name Organization Position
Mr. Fouad Fakhri ZayadinJubail Industrial College

Committee Chairman,

Course Director, NDTEET

Mr. Mohammed M. EidJubail Industrial CollegeMember, Instructor, NDTEET
Mr. Joselito MagatJubail Industrial CollegeMember, Instructor, NDTEET
Mr. Jomon C. GeorgeJubail Industrial CollegeMember, Instructor, NDTEET
Mr. Rupesh NairJubail Industrial CollegeMember, Instructor, NDTEET
Mr. Sadeg Al-Bensaad Saudi Electricity Company  Member, Generation Engineer
Mr. Zool Ihsan Bin Abd AzizSaudi K-Kem Eng. Service Co.Member, Senior Manager
Mr. Isa H. AlmudaibeghSaudi Aramco Member, Inspection Technology Unit Supervisor
Mr. Mohammed Abu Four Saudi Aramco Member, Advanced NDT Field Supervisor
Mr. Fahad Mudhaef SABIC Member, Senior Engineer Inspection & NDT
Mr. Mohammed ArmoutiQuality Control Services Co. Ltd.Member, Heat Treatment Manager/QC Manager


The NDTEET Diploma PAEC had conducted its first meeting on Tuesday March 04, 2014. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the Student Outcomes (SOs), Program Educational Outcomes (PEOs), AS Degree Plan and Performance Indicators (PIs) of the program, which will result in strengthening and improving the program and to ensure that the produced skilled workforce meets the requirements of the industry. The committee consists of external members from the industries and internal members from the concerned dept. (NDT Center). The external members offer advice and assistance to update the program contents and validate curriculum in terms of the changing needs of both the industrial and technical sectors.