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As a Deputy of Education and Training Affairs (ETA), I welcome you to explore the Jubail Industrial College (JIC) website and hope that you will find it interesting and informative. JIC is located strategically in the world’s largest industrial hub, the Jubail Industrial City. The college was established in 1978 with the aim to provide Saudi high school graduates with eminent basic knowledge and hands-on skills to make them ready to excel as professionals and progressive leaders in their chosen fields. To achieve this aim, the College programs are made cognitive and technically demanding, and also sensitive to national, regional and international needs.

The ETA caters to the Education and Training needs of six academic departments offering associate and bachelor level programs in addition to industrial training programs in the major fields of engineering technology, business administration and information technology. With more than 260 highly qualified, experienced and skilled faculty members, we offer highly sustainable world-class education and training programs. Currently, more than 5000 students and industry trainees continue to benefit from programs offered at JIC that are recognized by International accrediting organizations like ABET, CTAB, and ACBSP. Thank you for visiting the website. For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us on our telephone (013-340-2160), or send us a fax (013-340-2009)


Our mission is to provide the Kingdom with well- educated and highly trained manpower in technical and business related fields, by offering quality technological education and training programs that are career-focused and market-driven through partnership with business, industry, community and other stakeholders.


Our primary role is to develop and deliver quality technological education and training programs, with all necessary facilities and logistic support, enabling the young Saudi nationals to be successful in pursuing their career goals and growth potentials. In broad terms, we direct, analyze and implement the College’s strategic educational and training objectives to promote its educational and development plans.

About Me

Dr. Ali M. Al-Qahtani has been working for Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu under the education sector for almost 10 years during which he worked in several different positions, starting from lecturer to a deputy of education and training affairs at Jubail Jubail Industrial College.

PhD, University of Birmingham, UK, 2015-2017.

MSc, University of South Florida, USA, 2008-2009.

BSc, University of Toledo, USA, 2006-2008.
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Alqahtani, A. M., Wyszynski, M. L., Mazuro, P. (2016). "Investigation into the effect of bore/stroke ratio on a single cylinder two stroke opposed piston engine." Journal of Kones 23 No 2: 9-16. 

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Shokrollahihassanbarough F., Alqahtani A., Wyszynski M.L. (2015). Thermodynamic simulation comparison of opposed two-stroke and conventional four-stroke engines. Combustion Engines. 162(3), 78-84. ISSN 2300-9896

Alqahtani A, Jebaraj S. (2019). Oil Demand Forecasting in Malaysia in Transportation Sector Using Artificial Neural Network. ISSN 2455-4268
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Jebaraj S., Alqahtani A (2019). Theoretical Investigation of the Performance of Vapour Compression Refrigeration System. International Journal of Latest Engineering and Management Research (IJLEMR). ISSN: 2455-4847

Baseer, M., Alqahtani, A., & Rehman, S. (2019). Techno-economic design and evaluation of hybrid energy systems for residential communities: Case study of Jubail industrial city. Journal Of Cleaner Production, 237, 117806. doi: 10.1016/j.jclepro.2019.117806

2020 - Present: Deputy, Education and Training Affairs

2018-2020: Head of Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering Department, Jubail Industrial College, JIC, Saudi Arabia.

2017-2018: Assistant Professor, Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering Department, JIC, Saudi Arabia.

2014-2017: Assistant Teaching, ME Dept., University of Birmingham, UK.

2014-2017: Grader, ME Dept., University of Birmingham, UK.

2010-2014: Lecturer, Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering Department, JIC, Saudi Arabia.

2002-2005: Graduate Research, King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology, KACST, Saudi Arabia.

2001-2002: Assistant Engineer, SABIC, Jubail Industrial City, Saudi Arabia.

2000-2001: Assistant Engineer, Al Zamil Company, Dammam, Saudi Arabia.
Academic Honorary Award, PhD research, University of Birmingham, 2017

Academic Honorary Award, M.S. research, University of South Florida, 2009

Academic Honorary Award, B.A. research, University of Toledo, 2008

Excellence Award 2014,2015,2016 &2017, Saudi Cultural Mission, UK
Courses and Trainings
Technology Management Certificate.

Total Quality Concept Certificate. 

Effective Personal Productivity-effectively lead performance according to the LMI model.

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt 

Periodic reports of programs, curriculums and field experience

Maintenance Planning and Management.  

Power Generation Systems

Future Vehicle and Stationary Power plant 

Future Fuels and their interdependency

Combustion and Emission Control


Renewable Energy

Fluid Mechanics.

Plant Maintenance