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Welcome to the Education and Training Affairs (ETA) of the Jubail Industrial College. We hope you will find this site interesting and informative. We are the largest entity of the College and are at the heart of all academic and training functions and activities taking place in the College. With more than 260 academic staff members which are highly qualified, experienced and skilled in their professions, we provide a high standard of world-class American style education and training in the major fields of engineering technology, business administration and IT fields. More  than 5000 students and trainees (from industry) continue to benefit from our educational and training programs. Our aim is to provide Saudi high school graduates with good knowledge and hands-on skills to make them perform as job-ready professionals and progressive leaders at their workplace. To achieve this aim, the College environment is both intellectually challenging and technically demanding, and also sensitive to national, regional and international needs. For more than three decades, we adheres to the internationally recognized standards (ABET, CTAB, ACBSP) with a rigorous curriculum aimed towards academic success. Thank you for being with us on this brief introduction to the Education & Training Affairs. If you need further information, please do not hesitate to contact us on our telephone (013-340-2160), or send us a fax (013-340-2009).


Our mission is to provide the Kingdom with well- educated and highly trained manpower in technical and business related fields, by offering quality technological education and training programs that are career-focused and market-driven through partnership with business, industry, community and other stakeholders.


Our primary role is to develop and deliver quality technological education and training programs, with all necessary facilities and logistic support, enabling the young Saudi nationals to be successful in pursuing their career goals and growth potentials. In broad terms, we direct, analyze and implement the College’s strategic educational and training objectives to promote its educational and development plans.


Departments and Units
Departments and units of Education & Training Affairs

The functional organization of the E&TA is divided into nine departments/units as:

  • General Studies Department (GS): It provides new entrants of the College with basic knowledge, fundamental concepts and skills that will enable them to cope with the challenges of specialization courses.
  • Mechanical Engineering Department (M&ME): It provides technology-based education and hands-on training in areas related to mechanical and manufacturing engineering technology disciplines, leading to AS and BS degrees.
  • Electrical Engineering Department (E&EE): It provides technology-based education and hands-on training in areas related to electrical and electronic engineering technology disciplines, leading to AS and BS degrees.
  • Chemical Engineering Department (C&PE): It provides technology-based education and hands-on training in chemical engineering technology, industrial chemistry technology and polymer engineering technology, leading to AS and BS degrees.
  • Management and IT Department (MIT): It offers internationally accredited (ACBSP) programs in business management and IT fields. It also hosts a global EMBA program of Troy University USA for employed Saudi nationals.
  • Non-Destructive Testing (NDT): It’s an ultra-modern NDT testing facility, first of its kind in Saudi Arabia. It successfully conducts NDT core courses as well as advanced courses.
  • Special Programs Unit (SPU): This unit is fully dedicated for English language development of trainees from industry. It provides all the three standard levels of English language training program at beginners, intermediate and upper intermediate levels.
  • Academic Planning Unit (APU): This unit is responsible for planning, scheduling and implementing all the academic programs in the College, including logistic support in all curricular and teaching activities.

Tel:  +966 (13) 340-2160
Fax: +966 (13) 341-2009
Dr. Sirhan Al-Batty
JIC Deputy, Education & Training Affairs