Curriculum and Quality Assurance (CQA)

Welcome to the Curriculum and Quality Assurance Deputyship website.

The deputyship was formed in 2012 (1433 H) to promote and maintain quality in all college activities associated with education and training. It is our strategic mission to make JIC the centre of excellence for quality education and training. In pursuit of this, we have set up four units in the deputyship namely Curriculum (CU), Academic Accreditation (AAU), Professional Development (PDU), and Statistics and Information (SIU) units, which are broadly encompassing our work on quality.


Our mission is to empower the college with quality control tools and quality assurance measures in its bid to become the preferred seat of technical education and training in the country.


The primary role of the CQA deputyship is to reinforce and enhance quality culture in the college on all matters which concern the formal instruction of the college including curriculum, functions that impact the quality of students' learning outcome and services that support the process of teaching and learning.