Curriculum Unit

Role of the Unit

Curriculum Unit is one of the college's pivotal units. It provides 3rd party advisory and consultancy services to the educational departments and the College Management for the development, revision, implementation and evaluation of all award-bearing programs of the college. In addition, it manages and directs the process of preparing, developing and assessing the new and existing academic programs by collaborating with all educational departments.

Objectives of the Unit

To oversee the implementation across the college of the organization's strategy for quality assurance on new and existing educational programs vis-à-vis curriculum and teaching, including procedures to ensure that:

  1. all award bearing programs of study are subject to periodic monitoring and review in accordance with the requirements of the organisation;
  2. arrangements for external examiners are securely in place, and appropriate action is promptly taken where necessary to address issues raised in external examiner's reports;
  3. a proactive role in promoting and improving quality in curriculum design and implementation is pursued.